Amd fx 6200 intel's competition

i want to build a gaming pc and i wana to no if there is a competition for the amd fx 6200 from intel and if its worth it and better

Get the 6300, its a newer architectur and costs pretty much the same. Intel only got i3s in that price segment, but they perform way worse in in applications that are more than 2 threaded.

i3's have HT. 2 cores, 4 threads.

i3 performance doesnt scale up to their price.

I'm sorry but for price-performance; intels budget cpus are DOA.

"Get the 6300, its a newer architectur and costs pretty much the same." (sic)

What Rolling Potatoe said. I have the FX 6100 for a while and I have found it to be very good, particularly because it takes an overclock from a novice like a champ. It was so easy to just get more out of it without even changing voltage and on stock cooling! Though I obviously ditched it for a nice xigmatech air cooler later when I had some cash.

If you look anywhere the FX 6300 is a huge improvement on the 6100. It can beat out the 8150 in many cases.


As always in an AMD CPU discussion for DAT PRICE, they are hard to ignore.


Don't seem to recall recommending it. Just pointing out that they have more than 2 threads.

They got 4 threads, but only 2 cores, so they start to look weak against a 6300 if you use something that can really utilize several cores properly. I3s rock for emulators though because of the good per core performance for the price.

well you can even get an  AMD FX8320  8 core for less then a i3-4340. it will destroy the i3 in every category.

grtz Angel ☺

The i3 dominates the 8320 in single thread performance, even when using only 43% of the power of the FX chip.

The i3 has integrated graphics whereas the 8320 doesn't.

I wouldn't be buying the i3 for a gaming system though, so the chips aren't really comparable in that aspect. Price maybe yes, but functionality no.



well any modern intel will beat any modern amd in single thread, get something that properly utilizes multithreading and that 8320 starts puting i5s to shame

if we're not passed the time of single threaded programs we should be soon