Amd fx 4350 vs athlon x4 860k

Which of these would I be better off going with for gaming?

You could get an 8350 and save the time

(860k as the same cpu as the 7850k). They performa about equally, but the AM3+ will give room to upgrade in teh future if you want to drop in something like an 8350.

What do you mean save the time?

4 core vs 8 core, honestly you could get better performance with the 8350, You don't have to spend 280 bucks on a mobo either.,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

I just realized I did the wrong one when I wrote this if you had to choose between AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor and the athlon x4 860k which would you go with

Depends. If this is only ever going to be for gaming, then they will perform the same when paired with a dGPU, so I would go with the cheaper one (the 860k). However, it doesn't ahve an iGPU, so you won't be able to use it without a dGPU. So that limits your options later down the road if you want to use it for an HTPC or something after you upgrade. Personally, I would go with the 860k if you are getting a dedicated GPU now and then deal with the lack of an iGPU later down the road. There will likely be better options later on anyway. Things are always progressing and whatnot. And you can probably grab a 7850k for cheap once they get discontinued. Hell, Q6600s are like $30 on ebay. So yeah.

I would go with an 860 and get a 370 as the GPU. I don't know if anyone else would do that but I imagine a 370 would work.

I'm going r9 380 4gb

I would also go for an FX-8320/8350 with a M5A99X, wait...I already have. no regrets either.

The MSI board is 80 bucks and CFX capable.

yeah, MSI makes a really decent FM2+ board, too


Oh, how many power phases does that thing have?

They would preform very similarly, so really it would come down to mostly which was more affordable. Although I see lateron in the thread you changed the question to AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor and the athlon x4 860k between those two the 860k the performance is essentially the exact same, but with the 860k being quite a bit cheaper.

which one?

Depends on you. If you know you are getting a dGPU the 860k hands down. If your not sure what games you like or you like minecraft and maybe CSGO then the 7850k would be best. Side note: if the 7870 is avail for 20 bucks you get a great and quiet cpu cooler. If you know your getting an aftermarket cooler get the 7850. I have both and got them at Microcenter. Deal was phenom (no AMD pun intended). My 7850k MB was ten bucks and would have been free if I was not too lazy to do the mail in rebate.
I have also seen 8350's for 149 with a 10 buck MB .
If you want to overclock you might want to avoid the cheapo MB's unless you doing a mild OC on a 95 watt cpu on a 140 watt board like taking a 6300 to 6350 levels and that's it.
Right now I love my 7850k. Still waiting for the r7 250's to reach 30 bucks on ebay so I can try dual graphics.
Best buy says they price match? Maybe they will on combo's but I never tried that route.

6+2. It's about right for the 8350/8320 and a modest OC

"modest" indeed

Yup, modest. If you go any higher then what a 9590 can do, you risk blowing a mosfet as mentioned in the article, I'd personally recommend a 1.45v limit.. It's a great board that in a lot of cases competes with the best. I wouldn't take my chances with a 5.2ghz OC though (what a lot of people can get on their 8350s).