AMD FX-4300 OBS Suggestions?

Was just wondering if anyone had some OBS settings that work well with the 4300 streaming to Twitch? The biggest problem I have is in some games OBS won't render fast enough and it will cause a stutter in the stream.

Current PC Specs are:

AMD FX-4300

8gb Corsair XMS3 @1333

ASUS Radeon 7790 1gb DCUII

and my internet speeds are:

9ms Ping

29Mbps (3.62MB/s) Down

6Mbps (.75MB/s) Up

Not the greatest internet but I've seen people stream on worse.

also before anyone suggests an upgrade, I'm already upgrading to an 8350 and a Crosshair V board down the road, just gonna take some time to get the money together. Just need some settings or suggestions to get me by for now.

My OBS settings are also close to what twitch suggests with a few things changed like Max bitrate, I also downscale 1.50 and have a max of 30FPS set. Will downscaling more help at all?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also sorry if this is in the wrong section, figured since this has to do with streaming games it kind of fit here.