AMD EPYC 7551P memory. Cant find memory from MB QVL list.. Suggestions?

I got a super good deal on an AMD Epyc 7551P, so I jumped on it. I also picked up an ASROCK EPYCD8-2T motherboard and have started my search for memory. I checked the motherboard manuals QVL list but I havent had any luck in finding any of the modules listed as being available anywhere. The list was also very small and in very odd (aka: small) configurations so its not entirely surprising I suppose.

I have a couple 1950X based systems and the memory compatibility was very hit and miss. I also have a 3960X and that was much better with RAM compatibility. I am want to do 8 channel and preferably at least 256GB of ram on the Epyc system. Does anyone have any experience and advice regarding memory compatibility on Naples CPU’s? Can I pretty much just get any 8 modules and as long as its 2666MHz and ECC its going to work?

You have one of the boards I was looking at for EPYC 7262, but that processor is not on the supported CPU list, but jumping in here so I’ll see if you get any responses on your memory question since I will face similar concerns.

I am not sure for a 7551P, but my Dell Poweredge R6515 with Rome 7002P has 256 MB (8x) SK Hynix HMA84GR7CJR4N-XN installed. That is DDR4-3200 but you might be able to manually change the speed / timings, not sure if the SPD has a 2666 entry.

Here’s what I have working:

I need a download link of where to buy that mobo is :fire:

Currently ~$400, which is the best I could find. Took about a month for a shipment to come in from china and then finally get to me. Ordering will likely involve a couple phone calls for ordering confirmation if they don’t have any directly stocked. Besides the wait, were pleasent enough to deal with, so I have no regrets and would do it again.

Oh sweet AVA direct

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