AMD Dropping CPUs?

Hello, was curious about something. I was getting excited with all the talk of Steamroller this year, and a few months back came across a few articles about an FX-9650 and 9450 and some theoretical benchmarks, but have been informed that these weren't "leaked" by AMD and were just some AMD fan coming up with theoretical benchmarks based on the performance of Steamroller architecture versus Piledriver.

I've since been told that AMD will not be making any FX processors and will be strictly APUs. Can anyone confirm this? That's a shame, I thought they at least got their foot in the door with the Vishera FX processors, and with a supposed 32% increase to IPC in the new architecture, Steamroller six and eight-cores would be awesome. Are they perhaps going to just be releasing eight-core processors on the AM2+ socket (eight-core Athlons or something) or maybe there's a Phenom III and AM4 socket under the covers that we'll be seeing at some point?

I'd hate to think that Intel is pretty much the only option - with no competition in the mid-high(ish) level CPU market advancement is going to slow down and they can pretty much price things however they want. They're already expensive enough, would have looked forward to a sub $175 successor to the FX-6300 or a sub $230 successor to the FX-8320 =(

nobody but AMD knows for sure. I highlt doubt that they will drop the FX cpus anytime soon. it's just fanboys being fanboys...

On one hand it's plausible, I mean APUs are definitely where they're dominating the market... but I'm sure a 32% more efficient eight-core CPU would fly off shelves, especially with all the hype of people talking about how games will be better optimized for eight-core CPUs thanks to the 'next-gen' consoles and whatnot, and how tons of cores is in the future.

they WILL be making cpus w/o igpus, probably 8-core. possibly for FM2+, but I doubt it. socket req's are jsut too different.