AMD Driver Set - Recommendation Required

Hi Guys.

Got a (slightly) older GPU (HD 7850) and still running the old Catalyst 13.12 drivers and am expecting a new 4K monitor to arrive soon - to join all my other ones....

I am holding off buying a new card just yet (but have the a 380X or Firepro W4100 in mind) and wanted to get your honest views on best AMD drivers for a multi monitor set up. I heard some issues with Crimson and dual card set ups...


im using Crimson on windows 10 with 7970 and R7 240

the only multi-monitor issue i have is UI's for some programs(like Opera, Crimson settings. Edge and Gimp works fine) becoming unresponsive on GPU that dont have a connected monitor set as primary.

i have also had problems with the computer freezing during diver install when the 240 isnt in the top PCIe slot.

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Crimson 16.1 hotfix are good for me

The final Catalyst (15.11.1Beta) was a very good driver too.

I run three displays with my fury card, and had colour problems with them with Crimson drivers, I have fixed the issue myself by creating a custom resolution, other than that issue they have been really good.

I had no problems at all with the final catalyst driver. If you don't want to take the plunge with Crimson, get that one.

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Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.

Little late but I was testing an MSI R7850 just a couple hours ago with Crimson 15.12 and it ran like butter. No problems at all. The 7850 is the basis of the R7 370, so just use whatever the newest stable driver is and you're golden.

No. All good. Timing not critical but experiences and references are all very useful. Good to know your direct reference card is playing well with the drivers.
Read on AMD forum (via official member amdmatt) that crimson was not set up for dual card configs.
But, sounds like there's always a bit of push and shove on most systems to get them running perfectly smooth.
Always a little apprehensive just before a major update or tweak...
Just gathering some grateful input.
Thanks again.

Thanks to all.

Catalyst 15.201 Beta installed and all seems to be working great.

Now just waiting for the monitor to appear (AMH A409U 4K) and will see how it all runs tomorrow!!