Amd driver issue BSOD 2 monitors

I get alot of Thread stuck in device driver BSOD. memory dump points to AMD drivers and it happens when Im playing a game one monitor and browsing the internet on my other monitor. Any ideas how to fix this? I am on Radeon software version 16.7.2

i7 6700k
16 gigs ram
amd r7 260x
650w cosair bronze psu

have you cleanly uninstalled the drivers and re installed them?

Yup. I had a new 500 gig platter drive fresh install 4 times. Upgraded to a 240 SSD Fresh install everything installed amd drivers before I hooked computer up to the internet.

I have tried doing the safe mode removing drivers cleaning up with that one tool cant remember the name and installing all the way down to 15.2

do you know anyone who you could borrow a amd gpu off since the only times ive heard of bad drivers are when the cards are bad

No I don't. Waiting for the AIB 480. Once they are out I will be upgrading asap. I had an idea it might be the actual card. just some the wonky things that happen here and there. But I thinkyou just confirmed it.

had a FM2 board I thought it was a MB issue I was getting some weird non posting and sometimes BSODs. Had the same video card in it

are you in the UK or US ive got a spare R9 270 im in the UK if you want a gpu to try


Thanks for the offer though.

It's still under warranty Would a RMA help? it's Asus

you could try you might beable to get a better gpu then what you have

Do you have the option to put your GPU in another system for testing?

Yeah I have tested with with my Asus Z170 pro and my Asrock FM2 board. both do the threadstuck in device driver.

Try lowering clock speed/memory speed on the card and adjusting voltage and seeing if that stabilizes things.

I assume those are different installs of windows as well? 6 pin is connected?

Will try that in a min

Yup fresh install of each =) 6 pin connector. Tried the other 6pin on the power supply also just in case.

How old is that card? And did you overclock it?

Here is an example of what exactly happens. Playing Dark souls atm. Does it with all games but this is my example. If i'm in Full screen and switch to windows I get BSOD. If I am in borderless or window mode. and I click over to other screen to click Respond to Forum or look up a item's stats it will go blue screen thread stuck in device driver. If I stay on the game do fiddle with full screen or do click over to the other screen I can play all day and not get a BSOD.

Bought it 2/12/2015

The asus tweak doesnt allow it to OC can only set it to run at their boost rate. but no not overclocked.

That is weird.

At this point I would suggest getting another card and try to replicate the problem.