AMD Driver Help

I have a spare PC with an HD 7970 in it running a fresh copy of Ubuntu 18.04. I wanted to try out gaming with Steam+Proton. Was wondering want the best driver to install for it was? The open source or proprietary driver?

Also, is there any recommendation on things I can do to tweak my setting for as smooth a gaming experience as this GPU will allow?

AFAIK Proton doesn’t support AMDGPU-PRO, only AMDGPU.

Okay, well I know what driver to install know, lol.

You might wanna double check that, I just remember seeing that somewhere.

But in any case, I also remember seeing that both drivers are the same performance-wise on avarage. Some games run better on one, some on the other.

AMDGPU-pro is only different in that it contains the closed-source libraries for a few things (can’t remember off the top of my head exactly what) that are not gaming related.

Just use AMDGPU and you’ll be just fine.