AMD display driver not responding


problem: every time i start up bf4 i get to the end of the load screen and then i get the message "your display driver has stopped responding but it has recovered", with minecraft i play for a couple of minutes and then i get a black screen with the same message, same with hearthstone. the window i play in seems to slightly spaz out a couple of times before it i get a black screen.


my components:


xfx r9 280x

asus m5a1 evo r2

750w thermaltake smart +80B

windows 7 64-bit


extra info: this same problem occurred a couple of weeks ago when i tried to update my drivers directly from AMD themselves, i was trying to resolve the problem for about 5 hours but i had to go to sleep, 2 days later it was fine. before i went to sleep i started up minecraft and AMD overdrive and monitored the gpu and when i got the black screen the gpu status dropped to 0% and then went up to around 3 or 4 percent.

this started about 40 mins ago when i updated my drivers to the new beta drivers.


thanks for reading 


I had this problem with the drivers 14.2 v1.3. I just redownload it again and reinstall completely.

  1. Boot into safe mode
  2. Set everything to default in the AMD Overdrive tab
  3. Uninstall AMD Catalyst (I use this tool to uninstall and delete registries relating to the drivers Link
  4. Restart
  5. Redownload and Reinstall.

I use AMD Mobility Beta 13.x Drivers. They're fairly stable. Perhaps try some Beta drivers that aren't the very latest release? Try going back a version or two, see if that changes anything.

Mobility Beta is for laptops. He has a desktop gpu so the normal AMD catalyst will work beta or not. 

Use normal drivers, instead of crap beta drivers. ATi drivers are already unstable. Don't use drivers that are even more unstable.

i never use beta drivers, im still on the 13.12 driver, till the new 14.x driver will be fully released. i would recommend just to stay on the 13.12 drivers. because i do read some more bugs with the new beta drivers arround the interweb.

Actually the new beta drivers have been crazy stable for me. ??

thanks to everyone who replied. for now im just going to stay with 13 drivers until the 14's get released.

I know Mobility drivers are for laptops. I'm just saying that the official release of drivers for Mobility do not work at all, and so I have to use Mobility Beta drivers to be able to use my laptop for any GPU enabled program. I was merely suggesting that perhaps the OP may want to try a Beta driver, and see if that was of any use. As for Catalyst, I find that also requires the Beta versions to run correctly, whether due to  a driver issue or not I do not know.