AMD Crimson Edition Bug?! Fan Speed, Please help!

Dose any one have this Bug? I have an R9 270X
every time i turn my PC On the GPU Fan spins at 50% and it stays that way until i go to the Crimson UI and set it to Auto again then i hit Apply then close it and it's runs normal but if i Launch Fallout 4 or any other game then when i exit the game then the fans speed drops to 20% of speed while the temp is like 80 degree then i got back to the UI again and i set it to Auto agian :( for some reason it's not Saving it Please help I Notice this because i saw my temps hit 90c and i was only running the game for 4 Minutes Can Som one Help Please

this never happened to me on Catalyst

Crimson is buggy it seams for anything but fury cards it was bugging out fallout for me with a 290 i'd go back antill the softwhere has been finished

it ran Fallout 4 better but the Fan issue is strange what was your Problem?
Me I worry that i might damage the card when i hit that temp!

That dose not Bother me but the fan Issue that bothers me the most it's like it dose not save the Overdrive profile

its buggy it crashes randomly somethings dont work ect its unfinished this is evedent by amd reuseing a ccc page for some options like this

Roll back wait antill thay fix there shit

I Just Rolled Back now the GPU fans Spins up and Down normal and when i boot the fans is at idle and not at 50% at lest i know it's a software Bug and not my GPU

did you use DDU before you installed crimson.. usually removes issues

Nope but i did use amd cleanup utility dose it work better then DDU?

DDU dident work for me i had to jump in the registry to remove crimson