Hello everyone I made my list of parts:

Case: NZXT Tempest 410 Elite (didn't see it in

I'm from Estonia, mostly I game, but if I get better Internet then I will stream games like LoL, but I know that all this will run LoL easily, so I don't worry about it. I even hope that this setup will render well, but im just getting started with rendering thingy so nvm.

Actually I just wanted to ask you guys if it is bad to use AMD CPU and NVIDIA GPU together? Like should it be AMD CPU and AMD GPU? WIll I get any errors/lose performance?

And ofc you guys can give me advice if I should buy something cheaper and better. Or If maybe I should go with Intel i5 3570k and do a Intel build?

I just think that amd aint so bad after all!

Actually I just wanted to ask you guys if it is bad to use AMD CPU and NVIDIA GPU together?


I don't think you will have any problems with amd and nvidia setups. You should be fine. You may not get as much performance if you don't use a 3570k, as that is "the" gaming cpu, but if you aren't using a high end card, you won't have any problems. Using a 760, it is better then alot of cards, but you shouldn't have any issues running that system. +1 for using the 8350, as games will start taking advantage of the many cores in the future, so your build might be a little more future proof than using 6 core processor. The i5 is a 4 core processor with hyperthreading, so it seems like there are 8 threads (I believe), but the 8350 has 8 legit cores. As for your build, 750w is overkill, unless you are wanting to sli in the future. Instead maybe use this:

The i5 is not HyperThreaded, it has 4 cores and 4 threads. The i7 is Intel's HyperThreaded quad core line.

My, my. And here I have a 8350 not bottlenecking 2 7970s :)

Thanks for the quick feedback you all :D

Ok, so Intel i5's are quad core no hyperthreading, but the i7 are the quad core hyperthreading and the i3's are the dual core hyper threading? Just trying to get my facts straight.

Well they answered your question but the 7950 had a major price drop and is better and cheaper than the Gtx 760.

I searched a littlebit about it and turns out that 7950 is better in general computer stuff, but for gaming gtx 760 beats it , or maybe 3gb memory would be better for future and the higher memory bandwidth and the wider memory bus of 7950 , im just not sure :/ but I just like nvidia more somehow :/

a Radeon 7950 is a better gpu then a GTX760. especialy wenn overclocked both gpu´s a 7950 performs better for the same price. a OC 7950 performs allmost equal to a stock 7970 GHZ edition. but a OC 7950, also performs as good as a GTX770.

But ofc there are some games on which Nvidia cards do better jobs, so there will be some games that runn better on nvidia some better on amd its how they designed.

So there will be some games that a GTX760 is close to a 7950.

i3's- Hyperthreaded

i5's- non-hyperthreaded

i7's- hyperthreaded