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Well, when you’re rested on your laurels for 5-6 years and have nothing to compete, you act like any other cornered rat does and lash out blindly at the threat.

The beauty of AMD’s design is that they just build one die per generation. Meanwhile intel are building LCC, HCC and XCC dies, 2-3 different generations at a time. They just won’t get the economy of scale that AMD is getting with their method of linking well proven CCXs/dies together.


I’d say that given AMD announced EPYC v2 **as having up to 64 cores, a doubling of cores on the CCX units is not out of the question. Either that or they doubled the number of CCX units on a die from 2 to 4.

So i’d suggest that up to 16 cores on AM4 is likely to be a thing.

** maybe v3. either way. if/when EPYC goes 64 cores, which is in the pipe, AM4 will go 16 cores. So maybe 12 for Ryzen 3000 and 16 for 4000 or 5000.


With the building rumors Epyc 7nm will be 48 cores. AM4 should see 12 cores speculation.

Considering the 2700X comes out of the box with near limit overclocks and power management. AMD are building in power management to push chips to there limits out of the box.

7nm will mean more cores more power needed. AMD have the power logic in place to possibly lets a 12 core Ryzen 3700X work on my rusty x370 board with its power design and a 2020 MB with a better VRM design.


I’d say that any decent x370 board with a high end VRM should drive 16 cores when they come in on 7nm.

Maybe not at super high clocks, but pretty sure even the mid-higher end X370 boards can/could supply 200 watts or (much) more to the CPU in overclocked Ryzen scenarios. I doubt that Ryzen 3 (i.e., 5000 series) will need more than that due to improved power consumption on 7nm - thermal considerations would probably preclude much more than that for a retail AM4 CPU whether or not the power delivery is good enough.


There was a leak somewhere (I’ll try to find it) that points to 12 cores on AM4.

I think we’re really seeing the next great CPU war. I bought my 1700 almost a year ago and it’s starting to feel inadequate compared to the new midrange TR chips. Not that I’m going to upgrade, but it’s definitely an interesting feeling.

I’m just hoping AMD can get a bigger notebook market share, because I need something more powerful on the mobile side.

I’d love to see an AMD XPS 15.


12 cores for next gen, sure.

But if EPYC goes 64 (and they have announced that for the generation after 48) to get 64 cores with 4 packages, they’re 16 core Ryzen dies :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m just reporting what I saw. Trying to stray away from too much speculation.


They must be feeling pretty confident:

Xeon isn't Epyc
Xeon was great. So was coal.
Nobody ever got fired for buying Xeon... Until now.
Xeon ruled. So did dinosaurs.
Don't trust a relic. Be Epyc.


These have been spotted around certain airports in California, reportedly.


Well, they do have the objectively better cpus. More cores, higher performance in most workloads.


their dedication to gamer meme ™ branding astounds me


Yeah, the name EPYC isn’t gonna help sales.


tbh I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if they announced the next refresh of TR as “SMT Sodomizer” or “IPC Impregnator”


Like Xeon makes sense, sounds like Xenon, Freon – cool, stable. High energy capacity. Glows when stressed appropriately

Something about the marketing department for the AMD CPU division from FX onwards just pushes the most edgelord preeteen messaging I’ve ever seen from a chipmaker, It’s approaching 90’s sega/sony console marketing


Gotta say though, Zeppelin was the most mundane sounding component of their new platform.


add the ‘buttered donut’ on top of that and latency will shrink too.

What I am eager to see is the HSA side of things take off. It’s almost as if AMD have just put that on the back burner for a bit while they sort out the architecture for the next wave of gpu’s. There will be more heterogeneous systems in the future, AMD has already made steps to go in that direction.


Hmm. I’m not so sure, i mean what are they competing against? Xeon Silver, Xeon Gold?

Who’s going to feel like buying Xeon Bronze instead of something Epyc?


adults who don’t consider doritos a source of nutrition, nor RGB a form or accent lighting


Hey, white is a color on the rgb spectrum.


you can get white with standard GaAs LEDs


Stop dissecting my shitpost. :stuck_out_tongue: