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God, i love this thread so much right now. And as someone with a 2600k, I am giddy with anticipation for the CPUs that will most likely be offered next year.


Even Arm isn’t secure, but the world runs on Legacy, that’s why ReactOS is still alive. It’s one day going to save us from Legacy hell. If you want a secure platform, get the Talos Workstation and run PowerPC or better, invest in RISC-V. But the thing is x86 is still the sweet spot because you can’t really beat it in raw performance and there’s still native legacy support and I know of an AMD DX12 Driver Engineer (He says 90% of what he does translates to Vulkan) that advocates for CISC and I forgot why because he’s a real wizard engineer. I think he said something among the lines of RISC is good in performance per watt at really low wattages, but it doesn’t scale up. He was also pissed when he heard about rumours of Apple’s desktops moving to ARM.


And the thing and now trigger word is containers.

Who needs to spin up a whole VM when software can just run in a container ?

Its going to get knee deep in VM junk before the war is done.


I’m in the middle of saving for a new build and waiting a little to get an idea of whats going to be available and see if I should save and wait for something else. Still leaning towards a Ryzen 2700 but got to wait and see. That and waiting to see what the 24 core Cortex-A53 mATX board can do.


After reading about Lisa Su and her decision to starve Radeon my dream of an APU with rx 580 iGPU and rx580 dGPU in Crossfire in now dead. Okay she saved the company but I was hoping for an APU Master Race.

In the 90’s everybody said CISC will be dead and VLIW was the future. Intel came very close to going RISC and even came out with a RISC cpu. People called CISC a fluke because the ibm PC’s overnight success gave rise to a huge base of legacy business software. CISC was hated
CISC had a ton of R+D money thrown at it and is having the last laugh.

ARM has Softbank behind it so it could be the next thing. Tablets took everyone by surprise


AMD is saying that they are going to bring higher core count than ever before, more disruptive bandwidth and all of this will be available on existing sockets.