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yeah, but without knowing the actual values for each you can’t really say what %delta it actually is


Was $600 back up to $780



780 or 780Ti? There are 20% difference…


On the whole indirect access to memory thing for two of the dies…

Threadripper has some big caches that will help.

IMHO - For most desktop style core heavy workloads, there’s intensive processing going on, on smaller amounts of data. e.g., ray tracing, rendering, etc.

This, being a desktop chip is less likely to be used for massive databases, etc. I don’t think the lack of 8 channel memory will be a big deal on the desktop. Even with TR1, half of the channels are only accessible via the “other” die…


Well, global foundries have released those rough numbers for their 7nm process compared to their 14nm process and that was I think last year…? May be even earlier…
I’m simplifying, obviously, but seriously, I don’t think the B350/450 boards are in imminent danger of having to deal with much more power hungry CPUs than they already deal with just fine.


a lot of them can barely handle R7, and if it is a literal halving I’d bet we’re gonna see octocore APUs

in which case, mosfet popcorn.


What’s more - TR2 is actually shipping. 28 core intel desktop is not :smiley:

on 7nm vs. 14nm vs. power on old boards.

I suspect what will happen is higher core counts will be available. base clocks will fit within existing motherboard power specs. XFR2/3/4 will boost higher if power is available.


That sounds amazing, sign me up on my B350 ITX board!


Oh, the apus are trouble. Most low end boards have only 2 phases on the SOC vrm and no cooling and that must power the iGPU… I understand why they haven’t made mote powerful graphics.


again, popfet moscorn


yep. I see it causing at least some system failures


We’ll see what power requirements are, I mean it’s not a Biostar :joy:


It could be MSI and bam - same difference…


It’s a Gigabyte but I’m not really being serious anyway.


honestly all the lower end boards are pretty garbage (MSI just extends the garbabe farther up the product stack)

it’s just a question of how flammable the garbage is


After announcing it as a real product available Real Soon Now.


It’s launch day!


Now we can get some proper benchmark results as the embargo lifts.



The other is a president that nobody in their right mind wants. :rofl: