AMD CPU Availability Update

Just an FYI on this one, I’ve been reviewing the AMD web site frequently for GPU availability and noticed that the 5600x has been IN STOCK for over 2 weeks now and the 5800x just came back in stock today.

Still nothing of course on the GPU front but I keep checking almost on a daily basis.

There “likely” will be “refresh” 5000 series cpu’s comming out later this year.
At least there are some rumors about them.

Indeed I’m watching a new video from Moores Law is Dead about RDNA3 now :wink:

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And I just checked AMD’s website, they now have all the CPU’s in stock currently:


All at MSRP pricing.

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Then it´s probablly time for people to snag one,
now you still can.

I know I recently snagged a 5800x not that long ago but really just wanna grab that 5950x just because :wink:

And today the AMD website only has the 5600x and the 5800x in stock, this does tell me that the 5900x and 59050x are still in high demand.

When I got my 5600X back in February they had been in stock for over three days without interruption. They’re definitely getting the inventory out there to people now. Minor inventory interruptions are expected on the high end stuff, that’ll never change. Good to see people getting their chips.

And it looks like ONLY the 5600x is still available directly from

Still waiting to see if any GPU’s show up but not getting my hopes up until later this year or next year.

I out-waited the scalpers and got my 5900X from B&H photo for $550. Expedited Delivery Estimated Delivery: Thu Jun 24

\ 75x75

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7 GHz 12-Core AM4 Processor AM5900X1224
In Stock QTY : 1 Price : $549.00 $549.00


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Very nice :slight_smile:

And has all the 5000 series CPU’s in stock today, Friday.

However still nothing on the GPU front, I’m a Sad Panda still :frowning:

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