AMD Corsair V formula Z / Socket remove / Thermal paste issue

So after not knowing that the heat sink on the Noctua is curved letting the thermal paste go everywere, so I've ended up with a dead CPU.

Does anyone know any tip's to salvage the socket from thermal paste or is removing the socket easy enough ?. ( MoBo work's fine still )

So far I have tried flushing as much as I can out of it but after going through 1 bottle of the Artic cleaning stuff and still getting stuff out, I feel that I may need to step it up.

I installed a Noctua NH-D15 a year ago and I can guarantee that in my case the heatsink bottom is completly flat and shiny. What cooler did you install?

To clean the socket you could use that goop people use to clean keyboards being as careful as possible to not damage the socket pins. Remove the socket it's impossible in my opinion.

Could you maybe add some pictures of the current situation?

I know it's not the best of picture's but as well as it being everywhere on top, it's like underneath where it slide's aswell. :(

Myn seem's to curve abit from the middle out but have polished it flat now

What's curve exactly, the copper plate of the tower heatsink? If so return if RMA is still applicable. That should be flat. Either that, or you just used too much, which in reality you don't since CPU comes prebuild with heat spreaders.

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