AMD Computex Livestream

Soon I might have to make my hard decision of selling my AMD stock (figure their cap is around $32-38 a share)

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I really wish I wasn’t broke when they were $2 a share.


@GigaBusterEXE had some at like $6

God that was only 2016, that would have been super risky tho
Bulldozer Series CPUs (2011–2017)

Was going no where for 5 years at that point, hemorrhaging money.

It auto sold around 30, I made a hundo

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maybe intel will drop to the same price and you can repeat :slight_smile:

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If I had 10k to drop on their stock, I’d have done it. But now it’s just dumb.

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Tsk got in around $16 a share for about 30k

I only dropped like 1.5k

Jesus, that’s a dream.

I would sell around 32 if i was him to much money to wait for that bit more imo

Probably rebuy if it droped to like $24 ish with all the profit only and go long haul with that money

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Damn son. He bought 30k shares?

He gunna be rich.

no 30K of cost of shares

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So I here tell that AMD knows how to feed their guests… The thing on your twitter looks delicious


My god, this editing is annoying af.

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Why is so little talk going on about the IPC?

Literally, 15% over Zen+ is about 11% over Intel’s current offerings. That means even not reaching the stated speeds, AMD can match the 9900KS at approximately 4.6GHz! That is huge if AMD can reach 4.5-4.6 all core under water.


IPC is more important than pure clock speed.

We discussed IPC a lot in the thread, actually. Anyway, they reached that IPC largely by doubling the cache. Intel can do the same thing when they drop to a smaller process.

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