AMD Computex Livestream

there are no pins on the bottom of TR its LGA not PGA

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Sounds good.
Based on what is known on the Gigabyte X570 Master board being pretty interesting.
Curious to see what the rest does.

See the fact there wasn’t any pins on the bottom of the Treadripper should prove I have no business build one.

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not really just you havent done enough research

Also you can buy a prebuild

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There are a lot of pictures and stuff on the TPU news section …

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Lots of focus on Ryzen cores and TDP.
What about da lanes, da lanes!

This will take a bite out of Threadripper.

na small cross section imo

Still 2 channel memory and less lanes

Yeah those Msi boards also look pretty promising.
Atleast the X570 MEG Godlike, X570, MEG Creation and MEG Ace,
are looking interesting to me aswell.
The X570 Gaming pro carbon slightly disappointing in terms of likely used Onsemi mosfets.
But of course that will be a mid range board aimed towards Ryzen R5 sku’s.

So yeah looking forward to see the new boards and vrm info coming. :slight_smile:

OMG real VRM coolers

Rip mATX (no love ever)


Now hoping that Asrock doesn’t disappoint me. :smiley:

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matx seems to be a bit abandoned indeed.

I dont get why people put like 1-2 cards tops why have full size when you could save some space on / next to your desk

I am praying my crosshair vii will support the 2900x. Jeeze if I have to buy a new mobo I will have to wait till probably black Friday.

prob not XD

In all honestly i dont see why not, but who knows. Seems like it should, might bottleneck OC or Ram tho

Just checked QVL not there ATM

Wonder there is 1 or 2 chiplets on 3700x vs 3800x to enable more OC etc. Will be interesting to see how these two pan out in comparison with everything.

MSI says their past boards wont support it, but ASUS says their’s will. So here is to praying I guess.

MSI siad no to first gen, not recommended to 2nd gen boards i believe

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You still find them in common consumer PCs, so RIP mATX in the enthusiast market.

Asrock to the rescue hopefully