AMD comparable to 760?

hello. i am looking for a new video card to replace my 460 gtx. was thinking about a 760, but would like to go with an AMD. Is a 7950 comparable to a 760? or is it a 7970? wanna keep the cost around $250-$300 for the video card. i am running a 550 watt 80 plus power supply for my AMD 4170 black edition and a evga 460 gtx video card. i know i will probably have to upgrade my power supply when i get the new video card so ithat is why the slightly lower price for the video card.

or should i get a second 460 gtx and run sli? lol

$294 for a 7970. No need for a new power supply

The 760 and 7950 are comparable but a 7950 like the msi will in all likelihood overclock to higer levels of performance.

watch ep 0037 of INBOX.EXE, and Logan and Wendell will explain why it is comparable to 760.. link Here..It starts to answer your question at 14:05 if you want to hear it from them..


I highly recommend this version of the 7970...

It's a great overclocker, and I have heard quite a few people say it overclocks better than the MSI card.

I own this card and I can't recommend it enough especially now that it is so cheap:

not really planning on overclocking (but we all know how that usually turns out lol). i just wanna be sure that my power supply can keep up with my fx 4170, Gigabyte 970A-UD3, corsair vengeance blue memory, and a 7970 even if i do overclock stuff a little. just a gaming and facebook rig for my girlfriend (or when friends come over to play) so dont need some crazy beast. just good stable pc. looks like the one i would probably go with.

Your PSU should be plenty for a single GPU setup.  It shouldn't draw any more than 400w.  550w will be plenty.  Also, don't forget to take advantage of those 3 free games you get when you buy a 7900 series card.

Good luck!