AMD Carrizo Benchmarks

I want to start out by saying that you should take this with a huge grain of salt, because there are a few things such as the fact that it lists the benchmarks as a desktop part, that would prove this to be fake, as AMD has stated that there is no planned desktop Carrizo variant, sadly.  First off this is the article


As you can see if those benchmarks are true and Carrizo could offer the performance of a 265 all on the cpu die, then that is amazing.  For those of you that are NVidia fans, that is at, or even above the performance of the 750ti.  That would take the APU to the next level.  You would actually be able to play AAA titles at almost high settings, assuming that the cpu doesn't bottleneck, which I do not believe that it will.  What do you guys think about this?  I am a pretty big AMD fan, however the past couple APU generations have been meh at best for the price, with buying a quad core cpu and a discrete gpu being a better bang for the buck option.  If this chip makes it into laptops, then it might finally be time to upgrade my old Trinity based A6-4400m powered laptop.


Again if this is real it would be truly amazing. So long as it isn't priced stupidly APUs would actually make sense. I mean now a 860k and a 270 is about the same price as a 7850K so... If this is priced well and offers nearly the same performance it will be great. Very good option for HTPCs too. 

really really doubt this but it would be cool if true.

That would really put some pressure on nVidia's mid tier dGPUs for laptops.  Obviously the Carrizo APU would not take away from the 980m, but for the chips below that like the 960m or the 965m, there would be no real use for them other to be used in Intel based systems.  Why would an OEM use a dGPU with a CPU, if you could reduce power consumption with one chip.  It feels weird to say that AMD is a benefit for power consumption, but I like it.  Also this just came out and it is sad to see that AMD might release a desktop variant of Carrizo, however it will be a BGA socket.

That could explain why those benchmarks showed up as desktop on the previous article.  As for the BGA socket, I totally understand their decision, if they are integrating the South Bridge, then the FM2+ socket would not be worth it, and because Carrizo will be the last of AMD's chips to use their current architecture, a new socket would not be worth the cost.


Amd did just release the 7650k. It wouldn't surprise me if that's why amd never launched Carruzo-D