AMD Build

*New to PC Gaming*

Any Suggestions? Am i getting good value for the money? if there are any other ways i could more effectively spend the money, what would they be? 

***The primary purpose of this rig will be Gaming*** ( BF3 type intensive games running at at least medium settings if possible)

Looks fine to me. Unless you are really super into sound most mobo's have decent sound on them anyway why not put that 110 into the gpu?


For one, the RAM. The minimum for gaming is 1333, though 1600 is recommended. The 7770 is faster, cheaper, and consumes less power than the 550-Ti. You can also grab a 650-Ti for the same price as that 550-Ti. I'd ditch the sound card, and dump it into a higher tier GPU, perhaps a 7870, or 7870 Tahiti LE? The integrated should be good enough for the time being.