AMD Build with $1500+

This is going to be my first build. I know this is pretty pricey for my first build but im looking to do multipul things with this computer. I stay in the wonderful state of Texas using USD. Which ever retailer I can find with a reasonable prices i dont mind.  Im into MMO as well as FPS (Battlefield). I do not have to play on ultra everything but would like to play with most settings on high. Looking to render videos and make music. These have always been my passion and im ready to join the pc community. I plan on messing around with overclocking and not sure about water cooling. I know which peripherals I want but some suggestions on good moniters with high rez and 120hz would be awesome. These are what im wanting my core parts to be:

CASE: Corsair Obsidian 550D

CPU: AMD FX 6-Core

MOBO: ??

MEMORY: Mushkin Redline (thinking about HyperX Beast if I have some extra cash)

STORAGE: Seagate Barracuda 500g and HyperX Kingston

VIDEO: Radeon 7970 ghz edition



If there are some parts that I can downgrade with little preformance drop i do not mind.


I have a similar build and it serves me well, chech my profile.

i made thease 2 options:

AMD option:

Intel option:

its a bit over budget maybe, but it ´s, included a Asus 24 inch  1ms 144HZ monitor, you can also go a bit cheaper if you pickup a cheaper case or monitor. but its my first shot.

about cooling i choose the phanteks PT-TC14PE aircooler, this cooler is realy great.

Let me know what you think

Grtz Angel☺

"Looking to render videos" he's going to need an intel rig for that and with 1500 budget its not out of the qeustion

depending on which software he use for it,With sony vegas he would be  fine with an AMD build.

But i was also busy making an intel option ofc. ☺

That ^ build if your apps use Cuda acceleration, if not then use this build V

get the 8350 not the six core 

yea intel would be better for rendering videos but some amd chips do a pretty good to. right now i have a 8350 and i render videos that are 8gb to 15gb like around 15 min in 1080p.