AMD Build or Intel Build

In the coming months I'm hoping to build a new gaming PC. I'm incredibly torn between and AMD FX-8350 system or and Intel Core i5. These parts lists do not include Monitors, Peripherals, or and OS. Have a look and help steer me in one direction or the other.

AMD FX-8350 Parts List:

Intel Core i5 Parts List:

Okay going to need some more details here. Is this build strictly gaming more are you going to be doing other stuff with it? Also do u plan on overclocking? What is max budget? Basically i'm trying to see how many cores you need, graphics power, amount of ram. Because these two builds are very different. The AMD is very powerful build and not bad but for that budget I feel you should be going with an intel processor. The intel build generally doesn't make sense because the single gtx 960 isn't going to adequately power those three monitors. Some more details will be appreciated

This will be strictly gaming. I thought a second 960 may be wise. I am planning on using a triple monitor setup on either one. The budget is going to be in the $1700-$1800 ballpark (not including peripherals, OS, or Monitors). I just don't want to end up with a system that is crap in less than a year. Oh...also...IF I were to overclock it wouldn't be by very much just a tiny bump.

I would do this instead or, but if it had to be from those 2 I would choose the AMD because the 960 is weak compared to 2 * 290x.

Quite a difference in price based on those you posted. Is there a reason for over building the AMD compared to the Intel? Add the 850 Evo 250GB to the Intel build, upgrade the i5 and MB also and you'll be at the AMD build price with a much better system.

These two builds aren't even comparable. The price difference is immense. Plus, they just don't make sense. Hardly any storage, massively over powered PSUs...

So triple monitor gaming? Why the hell are you going with a 960 then? It is a pretty crap card even at 1080p and once you go over that it basically dies. Surround gaming, even with two of them, would be completely laughable especially if you want to use filtering or AA. For high resolution gaming I would go with AMD. AMD's cards do much better here. For example, at 1080p a GTX 980 can be 20-30FPS faster but at 4K they are equal and the AMD is much less money. I'd wait until AMDs new stuff comes out though. But for right now for around an $1800 budget this is what I would do.

If you wanna spend a little less you could get the 295X2. That would be about the same but you'd get less VRAM and you'd need to find a place to jam another radiator.


well both builds have some issues.

Firstly the AMD one, dual 290X on a 970 chipset board means you going to run a crossfire only at 4x gen 2 speed, which will be awfull.
Aside from that, the cpu will be a huge bottleneck for a setup like this.
especialy on 1080p.

The intel build, well for arround $1500,- you can build something way better.

If you build is mainaly for gaming, then intel cpu be a better allround choice still.
I could trow something together if you like, for arround $1600,-


You don't need an aftermarket cooler with a Xeon or a crazy motherboard like that. The 290X is better at higher resolutions and the 980 certainly does not need a 1000W PSU.

Did some re-tooling

As for the storage issue I actually have an extra WD 2TB Black drive I was going to use from an old system.

Thats more like it, have fun building it. :)

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This is what i came up to for ~ $1600,-.
But i would highly recommend to wait for AMD'´s new GPU's
To see what they are upto.

Maybe a littebit better motherboard like the Msi Gaming 7,
or if you like the Asus ROG per see, thats ofc an option.


Yup, nice 1600$ build. Thats what I would buy if I was building it today. 980ti over 2x 970s for less money.
Nice one @MisteryAngel.

yeah with the 970´s you also have the 3.5GB vram issue.
which wont change with sli

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And I guess with the single 980TI I can plan to upgrade in the future (potentially)

sure, but then i would recommend a better psu, like a 850W.
But if you game on 1080p then 980Ti sli isnt going to make any sense.
This will only make sense for 4k gaming realy.

True. I'm pretty much planning on living in 1080P for a while...4k is overkill to me personal preference.

It would serve well on triple monitors.

well for 1080p a single 980Ti will be massive, basicly overkill.
But yeah if you can afford it, why not.

But ofc it will be nice with triplle 1080p displays.

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