AMD Build Help

I am looking to upgrade my CPU in order to play modern intensive games much better. My current specs are as follows:

  • AMD A4-5300 APU (Overclocked to 3.6 ghz)
  • Asus F2A55-M LE Motherboard (Edit: It was previously stated that I have a Sabertooth Z77 mobo. This is false and was stated due to an improperly packaged manual)
  • Radeon 7870 GPU
  • 8 Gb of Sector 5 RAM.

So if someone could recommend a new processor for this build that would be great. The socket type is Fm2+. Also would it be recommended to get a second 7870? (I don't have the money currently to buy a new powerful GPU)

Surely you don't mean Z77... Since that's an Intel thing.

I'd say wait a couple more months and buy a Kaveri when they come out ~January. Those will be the fastest thing on FM2+.

Well then I have the wrong manual haha. This took me far too long to notice. The actual mobo I have is the F2A55-M LE. I feel stupid now :P

Unless there is a particular discount on the new GPU you need; I would say wait for Battlefield4 to release the patch with adds Mantle to the game (I remember either hearing, or reading, that BF4 will be patched with Mantle this December), and decide based on Mantles effectiveness. Allot of games have been AMD optimized in the past year, and hopefully if that continues, we may see allot of game engines taking advantage of Mantle. If Mantle is effective as they said it would be, a new GPU may not be necessary (Your current card is Mantle compatible). I say this because; the shaders, etc must be ported into the new API. This will take considerable time before we can render stuff prettier that what we currently are. Personally I don't think the limit on games graphics is in the hardware, I think it's in the designers artistic creativeness.

I don't know what to advise as far as CPU's in the APU spectrum. However unless there is something magic I don't know about how APUs function when paired with a dedicated GPU, it would be better to get a dedicated CPU like a 8 core AMD (I Love AMD :-P), that said the I5 is just a better gaming chip, because most games don't take advantage of the extra integer modules.

Thanks but I actually have the parts and such already and was just looking to upgrade. I also improperly named the motherboard. It's actually the F2A55-M LE.


Many manual. Very asoos

If you are running a dedicated GPU then one of the AMD Athlon X4 760K would work well and you are not paying for the on board graphics you don't need.

Some thing to look into if its available in your area.

I already have the build.. well built. I'm just looking for an upgrade. I'm running the 7870 on it.

athlon 760k. it's basically an APU w/o the graphics. it's socket FM2

your mobo is only FM2, can't support kaveri, so the 760k is yer best option.


I'd like to keep it as low as possible but I don't want to buy something and screw myself over because it gets outdated. I'd be willing to upgrade to an FM2+ mobo if the Kaveri will be as good as it seems.

If you want to take advantage of Project Mantle you'll have to get a new edition GPU like a R9 270X, when its paired with a 760k it should be able to run BF4 with high settings and good frame rates.