AMD based machine

this is not something i am plannin to buy in the near future but i would like to see what is the best possible amd based computer you could make. starting from scratch, needs everythng. NO PRICE LIMIT


Well If you wanted to  you could spend ridiculous amounts of money on a case like this

Graphics card like this or why not get 2 :P 

Some mad custom watercooling then,

This would be a nice motherboard to go with your 8350 cpu

Dont forget your insane PSU that you'll need for those graphics cards and overclock

oops 4got some stuff

lol graphics card not gtx 580 thats cards old and he said amd based

ill fill it with fans and make it my room heater lol

I think that one's actually 2 GTX 580's stuck together on one card. This would be a nice AMD card