Amd based 1000 budget pc

Hello. So I plan on building a budget 1000 PC for gaming. The budget also includes a monitor and no other peripherals. I prefer newegg, I may get into overclocking and might water cool in the future. I will be using an r9 280x, so it will run most games maxed at a playable frame rate. Please let me know if I  need to change anything. Thanks for reading


Pc part picker list -

The mobo you have chosen will not run the cpu you want to use, I redid what you wanted with part that will work real well with one another. Hope this helps ya!

Thanks but is there any way to include the case I had in mind?

the reason i didn't include your case cause of the board isnt a micro it is a standard sized board sorry bro! 

Thanks through :D

Updated -

8150 is old bulldozer architecture, so doesnt perform as well the 8320, to be honest the fx 6300 is about the same if not better performance than the 8150 in certain areas, So if you want performance stick with the 8320. The mobo is excellent for either one, also for the ram 1866mzh is kinda a sweet spot for gaming and other functions. hope this helps !


I didn't mean for the 8150 to get in there...Updated again

Nice build all together, the 8320 will overclock to the 8350 lvls easily, over all a very balanced system, and with the 650 psu you can add another gpu down the line if you ever feel the need to do so!