AMD Athlon II X4 750K vs AMD a10 5800k

well my current build has a 5800k in it running on the integrated gfx (its not that bad).  But a oppertunity to upgrade has arrived for me! my mother wants a new computer for what ever she does (very very light usage internet and word processing and such).  So in her build i snuck in a R9 270x for myself and i was wondering would it be worth it to pay 20$ (because i would be getting her a a6 5000 gen) to get a AMD Athlon II X4 750K and give her my a10 or should i just stick with my a10 and get her a a6?  


Only reason im worried about money is because she kinda dosent want to do it because the full build is like 450$ and she dosent want to pay that so the more i lower it the more convinced she is to buy it.  (i also just finished a build for my aunt that was 200$ and she is wondering why this one is almost 500! i just keep telling her its better parts lol)


thanks for your help in advance!

Wait, I'm confused.

How on earth would it benefit you to give her your A10 and get an Athlon, if the Athlon requires a discrete GPU, with a lower clock speed?

Even then, the A10 would be overkill for what she needs a computer for.

Go with this, you mom does NOT need an A10 at all. (This is being way too generous)

X4 750K is a A10 5800K with the GPU disabled.

Just get your mom an A6 or A8 and be fine.

give her the a10 5800k and go with the AMD 760k Richland, better quality, came out pretty recently I think

not to steal this really think the A4-3300 is good for running multiple tabs online and a facebook game here and there?? just curious thats a cheap build and if it was good for just avg internet use with 5+tabs in chrome or windows i might suggest this to some family members 


it's probably ample, though i generally sugest a celeron/pentium (newer the better), they can usually be had for a simmilar price with much better cpu power albiet with weaker graphics

....much weaker graphics. I do normally I suggest the Pentium G3220 or Celeron G1620 for cheaper setups, but I'd always recommend getting one of the cheapest graphics cards as well, I've found that the increased graphical performance makes a big difference to perceived speed web browsing, particularly when video comes into play. Also taking the graphics load off the cpu can make it run a bit cooler. Combined setup can be had for less than the cost of a A8, but really the A8 is still a decent option due to its surprisingly good CPU performance. For computers for non-gamers the best bang for buck you can get is SSD... will speed up boot and load times like mad, which is going to be half of the "speed" the see in the computer. Particularly for older people, you can get a single 128gb SSD and no mechanical hard disk, it'll still fit all there files, its also both cheaper and faster than a small SSD and low capacity mechanical HDD used in the same system.

well a couple of people took the statement wrong. i already own the a10 it is what i am currently using.  But since im going to be upgrading to a r9 270x i was wondering if i should trade my a10 for the athlon II x4 750k or just keep my a10 and get my mother a a6 or a4 


The athlon II X 4 is just a A10 with the on chip gpu removed thay are the same cpu architecturely.