AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+

Is there anything cool about my processor? or is it just an average CPU? I have a zalman cooler and am wondering if overclocking with 2 gigs of ddr2 800mhz ram would do anything to improve my performance

are you running the black edition version? i currently use the athlon 64 x2 5000+ BE and it kicks ass because of the unlocked multiplier.

i think its black edition the box was black when i got it and it was pretty expensive. how else could i tell without the box?

the box would look like this:

and if you go into your bios and try to overclock it... you should be able to change the multiplier

why would you buy it just because it was expensive....

it's actually really cheap. i payed $100 for it but you can buy it now for $70. very good deal... won the customers choice award on newegg numerous times.

yeah i have the athlon x2 5000+ black edition its is a really nice processor. by the way since its the black edition tht means its made for overclocking right

i have the black edition and i spent 40 bucks on a air cooler. Att the local pc shop and oced it to 3.0ghz easily my temp are fine too :) great cheap cpu

yeah, I got a black edition but my mobo doesnt let me overclock, I think I might try to get a new mobo and video cards for a big upgrade cause the parts I got now are pretty nice

Couch *fuck amd* lol

We have ourselves an Intel fanboy...

I have a X2 5000+ BE in my other build which is currently oc too 3.2GHZ, it is very fast for the £50 i paid for it!!!!

Hii i have the same processor I overclock it to 3.01 with stock voltages but is idle at 35-42 and load 45-55 high ?

and i have an 8800GT it idles at 54 C and load about 78 is that high too ?

and what program do u guys recommend to monitor temps ?

realtemp for CPU, not sure if it's accurate, but i use GPU-Z for GPU

i use speed fan

i use speed fan



70 fucking dollars. Does it beat the E4300? I might fetch out the cash to get a amd mobo.

55 at max load is a bit high for x2 5000