Amd Athlon 64 X2 5000 vs APU

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get my first gaming rig up and running. I'm pretty limited on funds so I'm trying to figure out what would be the most cost friendly way to get a gaming rig up. I recently got my aunt's old hp slimline after the psu burned out. As far as I can tell everything else is working fine on it. The cpu is an amd 5000+.

Here's a link to the specs:

So I'm wondering if I would get better performance if I bought say an R9 270(x) and a new psu, or if I built an Apu system with a 5800k or a 6800k.

I'm thinking since mantle is supposed to boost the performance with lower end cpus it may give it a bit of a boost, but of course that's dependent on the game and it seems like it's still too early to tell if it will give that much of a boost. Like I said I'm really just trying to get an affordable system running that I can upgrade as I go, because fallout and skyrim on a 360 really sucks. Thanks for all the input.

I recently purchased the A8-6600K, for 720P it runs games really well paired with my 8GB of 1866MHz RAM.

not too long ago i set my octa-core to run as a dual core @ 2.0GHz, not quite the same speed and a completely different architecture, but for the sake of being lazy let's just call it similar performance to the athlon, with a 7870, i played a bit of tf2 and was severely bottlenecked, i'm talking going from ridiculously high framerates at all times to 60 max 40 avg and frequent dips into the single digits, so with this experience in mind i'll say that that processor is in no way capable of supporting a 7870 to the point that the smarter decision would be to buy a recent generation apu

Definitely, thanks for the info. It's definitely probably going to turn into a NAS or run some things with linux.

Good to know. I just looked up the 5800k and it's only $5 more than the 6600k on amazon.