AMD APU or Intel Pentium for use in an Ubuntu HTPC?

I'm going to be building a budget HTPC. Ive got got the whole build decided EXCEPT for the CPU and mobo. I can figure out a mobo to use on my own, however, I need some opinions on what processor to use.

The two CPUs im choosing from are the A6-5400k and the Pentium G860. From what I've seen and experienced myself is that the A6 has way better integrated graphics, while the Pentium has, more or less, more CPU power.

I know everybody is going to say to get something more expensive, but I'm on a tight budget right now. In your opinions, which should I choose and why?

I'd say APU, pentium sucks badly.

what's your budget and short answer don't get the pentium

Id say a max of $135 for a CPU+Motherboard. So yea, its a very tight budget.