Logan, what is your opinion of why there are little to no Mini ITX boards for AMD's APU line? I have an extreme itch to build a small form factor PC yet I almost feel forced to buy Intel to get a good board. When I say good board I mean boards like the EVGA Stinger or the Asus Maximus.

i spoke to a asus sales rep and they said that they had no plans for a itx much less a rog type itx for fm2+

really a bummer, i'm in the same boat, i want a nice itx board for the apu platform. seems like a giant hole that needs to be filled in the market that for some reason no body is trying to fill it

MSi has an A75 based ITX board. It is the FM2-A75I-E53.  It appears to basically be an ITX version of the mATX board I have in my APU based system.  I haven't had any issues at all with it.