AMD APU Build help

Hello. im gonna start to build a new pc soon and i want to ask you guys what you think of this. I do not play many games, only GTA San Andreas and Minecraft sometimes. I do programming in
What do you think of this rig

Motherboard - ASRock A55M-DGS mATX

Box - AW X5

Ram - Corsair 4GB (1x4096MB) CL9 1600Mhz XMS3 - Not sure yet. Not the biggest problem..

Processor - AMD A8 6600K Black Edition

So what you think. It will be around 285 dollar to build it from swedish store parts.

May want to rethink that motherboard there champ - it wont support the 6600k.

The A55 chipset is for use with the A4 and A6 series APUs. The A75 chipset is targeted at the A6 and A8 APUs and the A85X chipset is made for the A8 and the A10 series APUs. That from AMD anyways.

What swedish store are you looking at buying from? As for your budget, does it need to include a hdd etc?