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AMD Analyst Day Thread Livestream

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Non commentary stream

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Muwahaha, RDNA 2 may be shown/announced to day?

I got in a bit late, but so far nothing interesting…

Well, they have RDNA3 plans, so Radeon is kinda safe for the next few years

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Seems like they got the memo from Vega and are splitting GPU into gaming and compute.

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I missed the plans announcement. I was changing a diaper. rip.

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I was just about to point that as well… That may help…

Well, when you need changing you need changing

I don’t think it’s a good idea to brag how profitable you are yet AMD…

Well, that’s what the audience there wants to hear about.

Here’s a proper stream

Yey Paperhamster

Why they haven’t fired him yet is beyond me

What is wrong with him?

He’s useless at what he does

Maybe they have noone else to replace him?

How can one talk so much without saying anything.

Politician training…

Breathes louder through the nose than my grandfather

Bwahahahaha, what kinda measurement is thaaaat?