AMD A8 5600K bottleneck?

hello tek syndicate! this is my first post here and lets get right to it why dont we, do you guys think my amd a8 5600k (3.6Ghz) will bottleneck my new GTX 760 that i just ordered. if so is it wise to get an 8350 or wait for a new amd processor or even go to the haswell or 3570k?? so many questions so little time. thanks for reading!

There will definetly be a bottleneck. Though I do not know the size of it.

8350 still kicks some ass imo, but waiting for its follower might prove a painfull challenge, as it is delayed.

I do think a 8350 is capable of being a GTX 760's companion. :) 

I want to say for RTSs, MMOs, maybe some shooters yes. If you own skyrim, it is a fairly cpu bound game. Test your frames with fraps or such. That being said I wouldn't buy anything until you've tested it out. If the games you own tend to bottleneck at 70 frames because of the cpu it's not like that matters.

i wouldn't expect too much of a bottle neck, that's a bit close so it will vary in different games, some it won't bottleneck at all, some it might get decently noticable depending on cpu dependancy

the game im upgrading for is BF4

probably still gunna bottleneck a bit, dont think the APU core power is that brilliant (good but not great). As others have said probably better to wait and test it before you go buying a new motherboard and CPU.

alright well thanks for the input everyone much appreciated! now to dabble in the ever going battle of fx 8350 or intel i5 haha

Well, since BF4 uses all 8 cores of 8350, It is a solid candidate.

This but twice as bolded.

Ditto the above