AMD A6-3400M Overclock!

Just wanted to share my experience with overclocking my laptop!

I was just reading around online and browsing youtube and found a guide to really easily overclock AMD mobile APU's!

I've been able to overclock my A6-3400M from 1.4ghz (2.3ghz turbo core) to 2.6ghz (1.2v) on all 4 cores and 3.0ghz (1.3375v) turbo core. Runs totally stable. 

My temperatures only went up slightly. My max temp when gaming is around 65-75C. 

My next step is to open her up and replace the TIM!

Oh, btw, my laptop is an Acer Aspire 5560.



I honestly don't know what to make of this. It sounds like a plausible thing, and seems fairly straightforward to do, but I expect your system would get a fair bit hotter without external cooling, unless it's a very new machine. Also, I'd say you want some pretty high speed RAM, at least 1600, to do it. I daren't try it on my AMD E-350 laptop, as it's only got 533 RAM in it, and would probably explode after being pushed past 1.7GHz anyway...

So I've replaced the thermal paste (with MX-4), dropped temps by almost 10C. Trust me, this is legit. The K10stat utility was developed for different but similar processors and works flawlessly to increase the clock speed and voltage. My max temps in gaming are high 60C, running Cinebench gets up to high 70's-80C ish, well within it's thermal specification. 

I don't think the E-350 is a Keveri chip though, and honestly can't be bothered to try overclocking it, as swapping out the 533 RAM for 1333 or 1600 ram (if it's compatible) would be a much more beneficial change.