AMD A4-5300 bottleneck for a gpu?

hey guys, first post on here :)


So last summer my girlfriend wanted a gaming pc built for 300$. I told her it was nearly impossible to get a good build with this amount of money. I did what I could and found an old gtx 260 from a friend. I told her that she would need to upgrade and that the pc I built was a temporary one. 

The cpu is an AMD A4-5300, I was wondering if it is a bottleneck for her system. She is the type who does 1 thing at a time, it's either playing a game or browsing the web. So I did not go for more than 2 cores because I doubted she needed more. She's planning to upgrade to a Gtx 650 ti and I want to be sure her cpu wont bottleneck that card. 

Granted, if it does, what cpu would you recomend that wont empty out our pockets.


Thanks in advance




Considering the budget, I would look into an 7xxx AMD card. AMD's Mantle is coming out and the advantage of low level API would have a considerable effect on games optimized for it.

I want to say no for the most part on a bottleneck. That is also if things are reasonable for the hardware, 1080p low medium, 720p medium with some highs.

if you wished to replace then i would recommend this.

That A4-5300 is definitely going to struggle on many of the newer games out there. While the 650 ti is a pretty decent low-end card, the A4 might hold it back.

If you're still on a tight budget, you may want to look into a better APU setup like the A8-5600k. The iGPU on that should be enough to run newer games on low/medium at 720p. If you go that route, make sure you have at bare minimum 4gigs of 1866 ram. 

Otherwise, I agree with tmlhalo, look into the 750/760k CPU's to pair with that GT 650 ti.

Hey guy's, Thanks for the reply. I will definitely look into a 760k and thanks on the advice for the 7xxx card.From what I see a budget of 200$ would suffices for both and it is reasonable as an upgrade.

Again, thank you very much :)