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AMD A12-9800 (Excavator) APU tests show it's a time traveler from 2012

Also shows what a massive step forward AMD did with the Zen architecture.

My assessment is that Bristol Ridge doesn’t make a gram of sense. The Ryzen 3 1200+ or G4560+ is by far the better CPU.

basically the consensus across the board

These were never meant to be next gen parts, and every single press release about Bristol Ridge has said that it’s a last-gen product. Fuck it shipped half a year before Ryzen just to get the AM4 platform started. The one and only reason to buy these would be for integrated graphics, and that itself is an easy thing to contest.

My reason for even considering those processors is the price…
I can’t even afford even 1200. And those are cheaper with graphics and can keep me over till I get some money for a decent combination of cpu and gpu…
Basically the graphics, yes…


^^ what he said

I think there are people out there who this product will make sense for, just not me personally.


The advantage of one of these things is to have AM4 running. Its like a launch title on a new gen console.