AMD A106790k Richland, or FX-6300

 Hey guys I have been building a gaming PC and I have recently been struggling between AMD A106790k Richland, or FX-6300. Which CPU should I do you guys think would be better. Also the GPU is a GTX 750ti FTW EVGA.

FX Motherboard:



Richland CPU:


Richland Motherboard:


Thanks for the Feed back

hey bud! So if you already possess your 750Ti, then 100% you should go with the Fx-6300. It's a much beefier CPU and you're not paying like 100$ extra to have a sub-par GPU integrated in your CPU chip. If you had a R7 250X then you should go with the richland option and crossfire your 250X with the onboard graphics. In theory the crossfire option will be cheaper and better in the long run when AMD releases more softwear updates.

I hope this helps! I'll be around if you have more Qs. Cheers,


soryy for the double post, but i realised this might make things a bit more clearer as to why you should choose what you should choose.

If you have a 750Ti and you plan on using a richland APU, you will not be able to use the 750Ti in tandem with the APU's on board GPU. If you want richland, go with a10 7850K and a r7 250X. if you already have a 750Ti, please please PLEASE go with the AM3+ option, the FX6300. Don't look into the FX-8XXX series unless you're doing other stuff other than just gaming.


EDIT: Now i just saw you were looking at the 6790K. 100% go with the FX option provided you have the 750Ti. the 6790K is old and you'll be spending money on a very very sub-par integrated GPU that can't be crossfired easily.

sorry for the double post, hope this helps.

If you do not want to overclock, but have more power, go with the 6300

if you want a more rounded system that offers (theoretically) more lifespan, a more well rounded package, go Richland. NEITHER board will be great choices for overclocking. If that is not important to you go this way

I would do this


+1 I have almost this exact same system and it performs very well. fx 6 core and r9 270 pair very well together.

FX-6300 with a better mobo, my asus M5A97 r2 paired well with it. Running at 4.2ghz.