Amd a10 vs pentium

guys i was wondering which should i go with they cost about the same

intel pentium g860 +7770 gpu 


amd a10-5800k + 6670 1gb gddr5  in dual graphics mode


i am planning to run games on 1080p pls help 

I have the A8 5600K, and A10 5800k. Both run EXACTLY the same, and in most cases the A8 5600K in dual graphics is better than the A10. I'd go for the A8 5600k and a Radeon HD 6670 {{{DDR3}}}. I say DDR3 because in Dual graphics mode, the APU's use system memory (your ram), and it will only use up to DDR3 memory, so DDR5 would not be better. I play BF3 alot on my A8 5600k with a 6670 on ultra 1920x1080 (turned off AA and AF) at about 40-50 fps avg online. 

A pentium is inferior to an A10. Straping a rocket to a tricycle never got anybody very far in the end. An A10 can power a far bigger graphics card than you can afford while the Pentium is close to being completely tapped at a 7700. Games these days make use of four cores/threads and the only reason you see people using dual cores is because an i-3 dualcore has four threads for work (hyperthreading). Those people are still bad but thats their choice.

If you have an A10 that performs less than an A8 you're probably doing something wrong. A10 has 384 Processing cores VS the A8's 256.

thank you it seems that thats what im getting thanks slot !

if you are just going to get a descrete card then get a FX 6300 instead a 7770 will beat a dual graphics config, but a A10/ 6300 won't bottleneck a GPU

This isn't my video, but these are also real benchmarks.

Also more doesn't really necessarly mean better.