AMD A10 hi Res Benchmarks!

Hey all! this is my first attempt at a benchmark video + commentary! This was all done using logan's "$350" gaming pc. Please respond as any feedback is fine as this is my first commentary! So if you think it is boring-LET ME KNOW -- I will take any critizim that can make me better. Thank you and Enjoy!

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For LA Noir, have you tried forcing V-Sync off through CCC? Because maxing out at 30FPS regardless of graphics settings sounds suspiciously like a v-sync issue.

Also, I've noticed when you were showing some of the settings, you had v-sync on, but still getting un-synced framerates (ie 45FPS). Also, some of the 1080p benchmarks appeared to have a lot of jagged edges; it shouldn't be that bad at 1080p, even if AA is off.

Besides those issues, the review was good. Also, wouldn't mind seeing a shot of GPU-z since that gives more accurate temp readings on APU's.

good video do you think you could show how it performe whit a gamecube emulator to see how well i performe under super cpu stress and trie the apu on a cpu intensive game like starcraft


sorry for the big font idk why that is., anyways I was recording at 720p thats what caused the strange Jagged edges on the video! Thanks for the feedback and i will try to get that gpu-Z program! Also my benchmark was done pretty much by avg the lowest fps + highest fps's I saw. Since im not sure how else to do it within a program ^^ Thanks Again for your Help!


Alright I Will Download the StarCraft 2 Starter Edition and make a video next weekend! Thanks for the Idea!

ok is it posible for you to do a run a gamecube or ps2 emulator run on the apu i have a frend he waunt a gaming pc and hes mostly going to run stacraft and ps2 and gamecube emulator but hes not convince about the apu anyway add me on skype (pierreluc.arseneau1) that way i can help you on how to benchmark in stacraft and well the emulator to if you chose to do the emulator benchmark it would be interesting to see the result :)

what do you say yes or no

Hey I am not how to download the emulator but i just ran a sc2 benchmark and on all settings high 1080p with no antialising i got 51fps avg. Myr friend will help me download nes and gameboy emulator sometime this week he said so I will do that soon! thank you for your help in info =]

would you be able to do a gamecube emulator call you can download it here on here on their main website  whit the games resident evil 1 that games is hard on my rig to run it if you waunt you can add me on skype and i can help you set up the gamecube emulator the nes and gameboy emulator can run on every systeme no probleme it run well on a intel pentium 4 so could you be able to get the gamecube emulator so add me on skype so i can help you set up the dolphin emulator (gamecube emulator) skype name pierreluc.arseneau1 and thansk for the stacraft benchmark i appreciate that so yah tansk


Sorry i don't wanna add anyone on skype =/  nothing personal i just don't like talking to strangers haha xD

And thank you for the link I will try to do it asap!!

yaah i understand adding strange on skype im on the on and off part anyway thansk