AMD A10-6800K Questions and Discussion

First off I didn't really know where to put this since the 6800K is technically botha CPU and a GPU but, my question is more about GPUs so there. Here is the info on it.

  • 4 Piledriver Cores (2 Modules)
  • 4.4 GHz Turbo/4.1 GHz normal
  • HD 8670D GPU w/ 384 Stream Processors @ 844 MHz
  • DDR3 2133 support
  • Socket FM2

Previosly I planed on getting a Lenovo Y500 for college but was talked out of it and decided to go back to a desktop build. My question is what graphics card to pair with the 8670D. This will be a budget build so I dont want to go over $160 on a GPU (If I even need one that powerful). 

I think I may go with the Sapphire Radeon 7770

save a bit more and get the 2gb 7850's:

(or the OC'ed sapphire version for 150 bucks if you scroll a bit further, but I would take the Asus ;))

Prices are dropping on nvidia with the gtx 700 series coming in. I would say wait for that. You could get a GTX 660 ti for less than $200 soon.. its a maybe, but worth waiting for.

I do now that you can get a gtx 660 for about 186 at the moment. I think NCIX us has them.

How would going with that be cheaper?


This, I think, will work better with the onboard GPU


Im pretty sure the mid range AMD will aslo fall in price once nividia releases the 760. 

Thats a good point, but we will need to see where things line up. The 660's might be on clearance price for a short time to make way for new production... so that be a good deal.. but this is just speculation.

If OP is considering discrete GPU, he should forget APU altogether.

At similar price to the A10-6800K he could get FX-6350.

This is why i wish the APU would Crossfire with a higher end GPU... Basically it's still better to go with the new FX=4*** or FX-6*** with discrete...

Here are some ultra gameplays. The HD 7770 is a bit weaker, and yes the HD 7850 is a bit more expensive, but the 40 bucks (or more if you want to) are worth it, because you will get 2 instead of 1gb GDDR5 RAM which is future proof. Maybe wait like the others said for prices to drop, because I would definately look forward to get 2 instead of one gb. Otherwise... If you want to crossfire later you will have 2gb with the 7770 in crossfire, so it's up to you. They are both good options. (the 7770 espeacially if you want to grab a used one from ebay in a couple of years for a smal amount of money)

agreed.. unless he already has the APU and just wants a small cheap bump in performance.

OP, you must reconsider. If you have enough money, there is absolutely NO reason to go with an FM2 socket. Especially, if you're going to grab a graphics card that isn't crossfire compatible with the chip.

Grabbing an FX6300 with a discrete GPU is more appropriate. The FX6300 is a hexa-core CPU. It leaves a lot of upgrade paths, and upgrade paths save you money! If you want to upgrade your FM2 machine at a later date, you would have to completely overhaul your platform.

The 7770 is a capable card. But, if it is within budget, get a middle-tier card. 7850 is a clear choice. I suspect you will wish to replace that 7770, sooner than you're thinking. The 7770 is a low-end card, it's not even the best of the low-end cards.

yeah. I agree with berserker. You can get better performance with even a FX 4350 and a 7850 graphics card for similar money. The fx 6300 is better though.

Would that mean the 8670D integrated graphics in the A10-6800K would be equal to a 7750 at 850MHz clock speed or the 7770 which are all over 1GHz clock speed?

So by reading all of this, I'm guessing that the best graphics card to crossfire with the a10-6800k is the amd hd 7850?

You can't crossfire with the 7850, it's used as a standalone GPU instead of using the onboard GPU of the APU.

That's why it's recommended to go with an FX processor.

The APU system with FM2 motherboard and a compatible low performance extra graphics card will cost about the same as an 970 or 990 AM3+ mobo with a quad or six core FX and a RHD 7850 2GB, but the FX system will perform much better.

As zoltan said, it really is a shame that they couldn't have made the IGP a HDx750/70 as that would have made them alot more valuable in the entry gaming level area. At the moment APUs are the bare minimum for gaming and if you can spend a little bit more to get a much better dedicated GPU you should.