AMD A10-6800K question

What is the best sub-$200 graphics card to crossfire with an A10-6800K?

as far as I know not all graphic cards can be used in crossfire configuration with the A10, let me check what is the biggest card that can be done but If I remember right it was something in the 6xxx series, plus it isn't even recommended it may work better standalone because the way the system memory is shared

HD 6670 it is




 anything else CAN'T be used in this way, only standalone.. 

Yeah, thats what I thought, but I was told earliar today that certain cards (the card in question was a Radeon HD 7850) wouldn't work.

And Have you ever wondered what a 7990 would look like crossfired with one of those apu's?

It will work but only in standalone mode (no crossfire), plus it will be overkill for that processor, a lot of the money invested in that card will not equal the performance


But since I am a total dumb arse and noob (I am on my first computer build), I must throw you another question: what's the best 6000 series card (i mean the specific make and model, not just the chip) that would work with it the best, and the most quiet.

the 6670 as stated by the graphic above.. as for the brand well as long as it is a good brand to be honest that doesn't matter that much, 

I don't see how this would not work right:


it has good reviews and some say it is silent


There is no reason to buy a 1gb gddr5 vershon it will be down clocked to ddr3 buy the APU,therefore pointless spending $90 on a $60 card.

Look for a cheaper 1gb ddr3 vershon and save some $$$ for your build

I think I'm just going to give up on the apu. Everyone else on the site seems to be bashing them

well not really bashing it it just has a point where it stops being effective, its based off veshera, so its s really a dual core with each core divided into 2, each pair of cores share a single FPU its kinda like amd's version of hyperthreading but not really, so now it kinda makes sense why its not practical to have a "dual core"on a 700$ budget

Um...The best 6000 series is the 6790.But that is hard to find.Here is an idea for you.An a way for all to know.Low end is anything below 650s and 670s.This means a 5670 low end 6670 low end.Get it?

This means 670s.But mid level is 750 and 770.Meaning 5750,6750,7750,5770,6770,7770 or Medium quality and High quality.This is the stuff that gets you game play speed.Which is why the APUs are not exactly what people want.They want 770s series on there APUs and not 670s.They are barely playable.You have to lower resolutions an everything an that just seems unnecessary.


The quality one you want for high end gaming is going to be the 850s to 870s.Like the 5850,5870,6850,6870,<-- really good.The 7850,7870 an soon 8850 an 8870.I would always recommend getting a 870 if you save up an get one.Then some fast ram.Whatever your motherboard can handle.