Amd a10 5800k vs i3 3220

I am doing a mini-itx build. I will have a EVGA GTX 650 ti 2gb SSC card for my GPU and 8 gigs of ddr3 ram. So integrated graphics is out of the question I am just wanting to know what will be the all around better processor.

if you are using dedicated graphics, you would be better served using a phenom2 x4, which is right around 100$ atm (cheaper than your other choices), and you would get better/nearly identical performance out of it. there is a thread earlier in this very same section of forum asking about fx4100's vs the i3 3220, and the phenom 2 is just as good, if not better than the 4300. is the comparison between the A-10 and the i3 3220 is the comparison between the Phenom2 vs i3 3220 is the comparison between the phenom 2 and the A-10

Comparing all 3 to each other as they are in similar price points, would show the phenom as being the winner here, except in that the phenom has the highest TDP.

I can't use any AM3 CPU's. They only make FM1 and FM2 AMD mini-itx motherboards and only LGA 1155 for intel mini-itx motherboards.

Totally failed that reading comprehension lol.

Does it need to be a mini-itx or does your case support micro?

If micro is wholely unavailable to you, then the i3 is the better chip to get on the whole.

This will be a super super mini gaming rig build. The case will only be 8 x 9.6 x 8.4 inches which is just plain stupid small. Yes I know no fans on the case but I will be modding it for a single 120 mm fan.

You would be best served with the i3 then. If you had no Graphics card, the APU would be best, because you have a dedicated card, it is pointless to get an APU. Be very careful with heat inside that case. 


I will. Everything will be clocked to STOCK so no overclocking in this build on anything. The i3 would also be better for lower temp and lower heat production as is the gtx 650 ti that I have. Should be a sweet little tiny build! The only thing I am contemplating is going with a bigger itx case or even a micro atx case but then it wouldn't be a super tiny powerful build and it would take that wow factor but I would have better cooling. Just many thoughts running through my head... 

here is a am3 itx mobo

and a difernt one

Cooperman, nice find, but on the whole, the i3 will be cooler and use less power, because of the case they chose heat is an all around issue.

If you upsize the case, I really recommend going with Phenom 2 in that price range =)


You have a discrete GPU, go i3. As a case suggestion, have a look at the SG05 by Silverstone. I have one of those running in my house and my i3 idles at 30~35c. It comes with a 450w SFX PSU and is a tiny case.


Why exactly are you going for a such a small case?  Is because you don't have much room or?...  Well for whatever reason, if you are doing a mini-ITX build, I'd suggest you try the Fractal Node.  It is a little bit more $$$ than the case you're looking at, but it has 3 fans, room for a full length GPU (when you remove one hard drive cage), and is still pretty small.  But if you are going with that uber-small case, I'd say go for the i3.

Hello im building a new pc for all round use eg. School work and gaming, and im stuck between going with the A10 or the fx 6300. An i5 is out if my price range and inonly want to spend around 100 pounds on a gpu. Both cpu are around 100 pounds in the uk. I have looked at the phenom 2 cpu but my concern is that it is a little older and my main goal is to my a all round good long lasting machine. I would like to get good fps on high ish settings. Thanks for the help

i have both of these CPUs. i can honestly say i love them both. my 5800k is running at 4.2GHZ OC* without any issues. very good cpu if you play a few games and dont really mind running medium settings.

the 3220 is amazing, i cant believe its a dual core. i was running a 660 ti on it, and there was about a 10-15 FPS difference between the 3220 and my OC's 3570k.

get good ram for both, i had 8 gigs of 1600HMZ, now im running 16 Gigs

right now my 5800k lives in my server (very basic stuff) and the 3220 is in my brothers PC with a 6670 ati.