AMD A10 5800K Graphics help?

Just wondering if i could completely forget about the A10's integrated graphics and just buy a GPU that is better/higher than a HD 6670? 


This -> AMD A10 5800K + HD 6670 (crossfire)


This -> AMD A10 5800K (without using integrated) + say a HD7770? (is this possible?)

It's possible, but you'd be better off getting a better CPU like an FX6300 if you're going to be getting a higher end GPU. I don't know how the HD 7770 would compare to dual graphics though.

For some games the crossfire doesn't do anything and when it does the hd7770 should still beat it.

As Vortex states if you are thinking and have the spondulis to get a good graphics card you will be better off moving into a CPU for example the AMD X4 955 Black Edition. The APU system is a really good ecosystem in the low end if you cannot afford a seperate graphics card. Question, do you already have the A10? What's are we dealing with?

thats the set up i have. running great, 100 fps constant in most games. lowest is 85. for the price, you cant go wrong,