AMD A10-5800K disabling on board gpu

i hope this is the right place to post this ...

alright heres the deal I'm building my first gaming rig and here is what i got so far:

amd a10-5800k APU

gigabyte fm2 GA-F2A55M-DS2 motherboard

corsiar vengeance red 8gb 1886mhz ram

corsiar tx650 psu

. and my questions is can i in the future disable the on board gpu and add a 7850 ?

thanks in advance guys

Yes. In most games there should be an option to what GPU you want to use, then use the dedicated one.

oh nice . but can i disable the onboard gpu completely from the bios or any thing like that . and just use the dedicated gpu ?

thanks for the reply


No, i don't think you can.

Someone with more expeirience with apu might be able to answer you though

It's possible to do it through th AMD Catalyst drivers but honestly it has some problems with game in my experience with my APU machine. The onboard Video can be crossfired with the onboard Video under the CrossfireX option but can also be disabled not copletely wiped from bios