AMD A-Series A8 5600K Question

Hello, Will be buying a AMD A8 5600K Black as it has good price to proformance and if I ever need to sell my Graphics card for a upgrade I will have a back up. My question is, Will I be able to 'Crossfire' my Radeon HD 7750 with the A8 intergrated graphics? Or will I have to solely use the HD 7750? Thanks in advance. :D


I don't believe you can crossfire them, no. I would advise getting an Athlon x4 750k (if it can be found cheaper) and just using the 7750. I believe the 7750 has a little more performance than the A8.
 The Athlon is compatible with the FM2 socket, and has about the same computational capability as the A8.

These are the only cards you can crossfire with.

Berserker  It comes with Sim City so I was planning to sell that for £20 - £25

mcwopppersnaggy Isnt there unofficial ways to crossfire?

Not that i know of, but if there was it would be unofficial software and i wouldn't trust it.

You'd be lucky to sell games that you get bundled. Most people pick up games on Steam for cheap. I have seen guys on TS trying to sell their bundled games, and they very rarely sell. Your choice. I would just go with whatever is cheaper, or enjoy Sim City

On Ebay UK they go for £19.99 on completed listings. Also here in the UK the Athlon x4 750k is only £10 cheaper.

Like I said, it's your choice. For £25 you can buy Sim City brand new.

It's a more popular game than I would anticipate.