AMD A-10 6800k low voltage overclock

Is there anybody out there who can help me with low voltage overclocking on my amd a10 6800k cpu?

Right now it is running @ 4.7 on 1.45v, heat is not a issue but my computer get loud when playing games and cpu intensive apps is running





Sorry about my english, it's not my main language 

if you lower your voltage does your system become unstable, if it does, then you will need to back off the clock speed to get stability with lower voltages. Sorry but when it comes to lowering the voltage you typically have to lower your clock speed as well. 

You could try different methods of overclocking and might find some better results, but they also might be worse, or exactly the same.   

my pc is running completely stable now but the noice!! , i have a cooler master v8 gts witch is a huge cooler and when my pc gets "hot" it spins up, when just in windows i can just about hear it, i can run my pc @ 4.8 at 1,5 v stable but 75 celsuis is not good for the cpu 

reducing voltage will most likely make your computer unstable however, if you want to lower your temps and make your system quieter you will either a water loop, or to back off the Over Clock 

water cooling is not a option, because money. a h100i is a 1000nok  witch is 167 dollar