AMD 9590 upgrade?

So I have a decent build now. ASUS Sabertooth 990fx R2.0. 24gb of corasir ram. AMD 8320 @ 4.4ghz. Liquid cooling corsair all in one. I am thinking about changing out the cpu to a 9590. In doing so I would take my computer that is lacking a cpu and put the 8320 in it. The reason why im doing this is because I have begun encoding h.265 blu ray rips. My 8320 takes about an hour and a half to encode one episode of 6gb. It would be nice to have one dedicated for ripping/encoding and one for day to day use/gaming. Would a 9590 be significant of an upgrade from and 8320? I can get it for the same price as a 8370.

If you're getting the 9590 for free then yes, otherwise put the money towards a 5820K

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What is "significant"? It is an upgrade and numbers will tell you by how much. If that is relevant, enough, a lot or not... that is subjective.

If your board can handle it, go for it.

And then? He / she has two AMD systems as far as I understand it. One lacks a CPU.

You will not notice a huge different between 4.4 and 4.7ghz - even stretching to 5.0ghz isn't going to make a world of difference, although, if you pay attention to the numbers, you will see gains. (Will it feel like a difference in the real world? Probably not.)

I think that your best bet would to buy either the FX-8300 or FX-8320E, and then overclock them. Both of these can be readily found for ~$120, which isn't bad at all. If you keep an eye open on a sale, you might be able to nab one for close to $100.

... Alternatively, you could sell and part out your second rig, see if you can get some extra cash to put towards a future build. (Zen, or otherwise.)

Agreed if you've all ready oced the your 8320 to 4.4 then your not going to see any differnce due to the 9590 being just a higher bin of the same chip

if you drop your 8320 to 4.1 and look at the difference it makes in your program from 4.4, about the same will happen as if you already had the 9590 and replaced it with your current chip. (im sorry if that didn't make seance) { just looking at the performance gain backwards x) }

on the other hand if you have to buy an am3+ chip that is the cream of the crop untill zen comes out so aslong as your mother bored and water cooler works with it go ahead and grab it (you cant runn a 9590 with anything worse than a h100i without staying over 65C at load)

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Do it

All that heat for little performance gain, eww.

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Don't spend money on upgrading to a 9590. The encoding times will be negligibly faster. If you really need that much CPU horsepower, you need to break down and go to Intel. Or wait and see what Zen brings to the table. Bulldozer is dead. AM3+ is dead. The FX8 series is dead. AMD has been lagging behind Intel in speed for nearly half a decade now. You'd be better off going with something like a 5820K, because you could run handbrake in the background and do everything else you need to in the foreground, consolidating everything into one build. And it'd still be faster.

There's a reason the AMD chips are selling for much lower prices these days, even the flagships, and it's because no one is buying the AMD CPUs.

Why are you posting a whole fucking book when you clearly haven't even read the first damn post?

I did read the post. OP has two systems. He wants to swap the 8320 in his current system for a 9590 in the other and put the 8320 in the unpopulated system, to use for encoding. but if he wants to dedicate one system to rendering and encoding, there's no point in spending the money to get a 9590. He may as well get another 8320 in that case. The performance increase would be a few minutes at most.

Sorry about the book. I'll shorten it for ya.

As a 9590 owner, no. Don't bother. I went through 3 AIO loops(I have the H100i now) trying to keep my CPU cool under load and still can't keep it from overheating(90°C+) at stock speed at 100% load. It's not worth it. I can't lower the voltage below 1.375V or it BSODs and it gets hotter than the fires of hell.

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Sweet baby jesus.

Yeah, after reading the Tom's Hardware review about the FX-8320E and 8370E, I am perfectly happy running at an 4.0ghz with an undervolt. Anything over 4.2ghz just has diminishing returns for the amount of extra power you through into your system for the tiny gains in performance.

Even a 6700k will beat a 9590

with a xeon 1231 v3 i ripped a 23gb blu ray in about 20 minutes. it's basically a 4th gen i7 with 4 cores and 8 threads. you are better of going with intel atm unless you are willing to wait for zen which is on the backburner atm as amd is making billions off the gpu market right now. something like a xeon 2670 12 core could do very well in a dual cpu workstation for about 500-600 usd if you are willing to buy used cpu's ripped form servers. if not look at x99 + 58xx or 59xx series.

Go with what makes "YOU" happy. Not other people. Do you some research, make a decision and ask yourself if spending x$ worth it for YOUR needs.

9xxx Series FX CPU sadly are a waste of money, there was no significant boost whatsoever in performance, IPC, and whilst AMD did brag about the 5Ghz the frequency speed does not impact people as much as better optimizations would have.

At the price the 9xxx fx cpus retail at, Intel CPU's are a way better option. On the AMD side though I think their best 8370 is similar to the higher specs of the 9xxx series cpu but much more efficient in terms of thermal and energy requirements. Better still is the 8370e / 8320e cos you have all the overclocking capability with far less power consumption an heat.

If you get the 9590 free then sure why not use it but make sure you stick a massive water cooler on it too, if however you have to pay for this cpu I wouldn't bother.. For the most part the 9 Series FX CPU's are not worth the silicon their baked on, but AMD's 8 series FX CPUs still do great for budget builders.

For enthusiast grade or high performance users Intel is your only option right now and spending anything over $150 on a CPU the right choice will always be Skylake until such point in time Zen is out. AMD still very competitive with 8core CPU's available under the $150 price tag and that is good value.

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How much do you care about quality?
Have you considered gpu encoding? Should cut your time significantly.

I ran Pasmark on my CPU and on my friends 4790K and we got within a few points. That is while pulling close to 300W however. It's not a good CPU in general. The only reason you should get one is if you like flapping your epeen around. Had I realized what a waste it was at the time I wouldn't have gotten it.

On the subject of h.265, I wouldn't use it. My SGS5 and my Amazon Fire Stick don't have the ability to hardware decode them so the Amazon stick can't play 1080P at all and my S5 struggles pretty bad. Unless you're planning on playing these rips on a home theater PC or something you're generating a pile of useless rips.

I would look up the specifics of h.265 encoding first and try to find the best bang for your buck solution, from some quick googling it seems maxwell based nvidia cards might be an option, so depending on the specifics you could put a sempron in you cpu less system with a gpu for dedicated encoding.

by no means is a getting a 9590 worth it and I am an AMD die hard shill.