AMD 9590 for $400 CAD

Just looking through weekly deals, Canada Computers is offering a $500 instant rebate on the 9590 till tomorrow.. Interesting

>.< Why can't this deal wait until the end of the year. I would have totally snagged one if they shipped to the USA

I would have gotten one, but I just got my 8350 a few weeks back so no point. 

Still way overpriced, its just an overclocked 8350 that will melt everything in the end.

Tis' true. I clocked my 8350 to 5.0 but I couldn't handle the heat. Keeping cooler at 4.8

Buying that is really really stupid, all it is a 8350, it would be better to buy a 4770k or better 4930k. The 9000 series cpus were made purely for amd fanboys.

Got my 9590 2 weeks ago for £120/$192USD, brand new, best deal ever.