AMD 9000 series prices

So, I found these on my prefered hardware site...

 FX-9370 - £251.92 - $384.48


FX -9590 - £695.94 - $1062.14



I'd say go for the 8350 instead. These are basically factory overclocked 8350's.

I'm not intending to buy one. I'm saving for a 4670k and a Maximus VI Formula.


I so want one of these

I'd like to own one just to see how it will work, but i can probably overclock my FX-8350 to 5.0ghz with around 1.45V.  I've got 4.5 w/ stock voltage 1.35V.

I'd like to see some benchmarks of the 9590, to see if it performs like a $900 CPU.  I don't think a 220W TDP doesn't leave a lot of room for overclocking though.  If anything, it might be an indication of what the current 83xx CPUs could do.

Needs a board, and Im not talking about power reasons, the am3+ is getting older they should of released these chips on a new platform to compete with Intel. Slackers lol. I wonder how or if these chips overclock considering its a 8350.

I realize most ships are just other rebranded chips but with a high end one like this they they accually expect you to fork over the cash for I would only be interested in buying one if it was something new otherwise ill just get and 8350 with warrenty and keep frying them and sending em back till i get one that can handle a 5ghz oc. It's still an 8 (4) core it should be an 8000 series like the rest of their naming scheme I dont like it when a company takes a cheap product and changes a couple settings and sells it for 4 times the price. 8350 is accually worth every penny so Ive read. I can't say the same for this chip. Maybe a 9370 for under $300 is ok but that 9590 is rediculous. 

Captain Hindsight away! *poof*

Everyone complains about the 220W TDP.

remember that is the exact same TDP as a 8350 @ 5Ghz. so if you can handle a 8350 @ 5Ghz you won't have an issues with stock 9590

A 8350 has a 220W TDP @ 5Ghz because they're both piledriver archetexture and they're basically the same chip. The only real difference is the 9xxx has been binned.

As you increase frequency power consumption and Heat output doesn't go up linearly It's exponential.

double the frequency and you triple sometimes quadruple the power draw and thermals

I have the 8350 currently at 4.5GHz and it screams.  Only downside is at full tilt, it throws off a lot of heat.

9xxxx series is just epeen material. Grab a 8350.